We streamline the way cannabis companies find professional services providers.

Service Providers create services.
Companies create projects.
Cannecht matches partners.

Free for licensed cannabis business operators.


What we’re hearing

  • “As an operator I struggle to find business partners that have experience working in cannabis and with a platform like Cannecht, I now have the ability to find the people I need to help my operation succeed.”

  • “I’ll definitely be using this app when it launches to generate more business. As a boutique business it’s difficult to find verified leads and Cannecht provides just the kind of marketplace we’ve been looking for.”

  • “Indeed it is a struggle at times for licensed operators to get the qualified help they need. I would definitely like to use your platform.”

  • We appreciate that it’s a vetted way to find business in the cannabis industry. We are really excited to be a part of the ecosystem Cannecht is putting together.

  • We see a ton of value behind Cannecht. It’s a one stop shop to grow your business in the cannabis industry.”

  • So far the app is great! 


Who uses Cannecht?


Licensed Cannabis Operators are producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers who work directly with the marijuana and/or hemp plant. They use Cannecht to find the service providers they need to launch, grow, or manage their business.

Benefits for Operators

  • Reduce your time to contract
  • Select from a curated list of service offerings
  • Minimize service provider churn
  • Expand your provider network
  • Pricing results within your budget
  • Easily select partners based on your parameters
  • Access market trends & competitive analysis data to scale smart


Service Providers are experienced professionals who understand the nuances of the cannabis industry. They are specialized in their field and offer services and solutions to licensed cannabis operators. This includes accounting, sales, marketing, PR, software, etc.

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Reduce your time to contract
  • Automatically respond to operator inquiries
  • Minimize sales cycle repetition
  • Expand your service office availability
  • Adapt to market pricing in real-time
  • Easily partner and co-bid with other service providers to
  • Access market trends & competitive analysis data to better serve the industry

For licensed cannabis businesses

1. Create a profile

Join Cannecht to create your business profile, and start filling out the details of your project.

2. Compare your matches

Review your matches and get clarity on your budget and timeline.

3. Get peace of mind

Select a match that meets your needs, e-sign a contract and meet your new service providers.

Secure meaningful and authentic partnerships quickly and effortlessly

Your time is valuable – why spend it trying to find and vet service providers that may (or may not) know the unique hoops to jump through in order to run and scale a cannabis business. Put that energy into developing new products, managing growth, and even getting in that workout you’ve been putting off because there hasn’t been enough time in the day.

When you list your projects with Cannecht, you will find a vast new audience of service providers, both locally and across the country. 

We’re looking for growers, producers, wholesalers, dispensaries, and other licensed cannabis operators that want to be part of this first-of-its-kind platform designed to uplevel the cannabis industry. Together, we can fast-track the way you do business.

Spend less time and money endlessly networking and yelling your offers on the rooftops

Instead, secure meaningful and authentic partnerships with ease. This means you can focus on what you're good at, doing the work, or going for that well-deserved walk outside in the sunshine.

When you list your services with Cannecht, you will be exposed to a vast new audience of potential customers.

We’re looking for suppliers, vendors, consultants, and service providers who want to be part of this first-of-its-kind platform designed to uplevel the cannabis industry. Together, we can fast-track the way you do business.

Join us in building this breakthrough marketplace and see just how easy it is to quickly launch new projects with new clients with Cannecht.


For service providers

1. Create a profile

Join Cannecht to build your profile, and add your specific service offerings and skills.

2. Get matched

Let Cannecht’s AI do its work to match you with potential clients.

3. Get hired

Once you are matched with a cannabis company in need of your services, we’ll handle the rest.


Your cannabis service contracts in minutes – not months

From contact to contract, Cannecht simplifies how cannabis partners up for business.



All you need to do to get started is create your service offerings, and we’ll match you with high-quality clients that are ready to hire you and sign a service contract.



Backed by data-rich analytics, Cannecht shows you detailed information on your deal-making, so you can adapt to budding trends in the cannabis industry at lightning speed.



It’s simple: enter your project criteria like budget, timeline, and location into the Cannecht platform. We’ll quickly match you to ideal, skilled, and vetted partners to help launch your project.

Contact to contract, make your life easier

In the cannabis industry, connections are everything. Reaching out and vetting leads can take weeks or even months. As a result, hours of your and your team’s valuable time are spent prospecting, pitching, and working on leads that fizzle and don’t go anywhere.

There’s a better way.


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