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What is Cannecht?

The Cannecht platform is a digital marketplace for licensed cannabis operators and cannabis industry service providers to quickly find partners and secure meaningful partnerships. That means refining the criteria for your projects and signing deals — in minutes, not days. 


In addition to helping you find the right partners for your business, we offer rapid execution, market pricing trends, and more. Learn more about Operators and Service Providers.

How are you different from other lead generation sites?

Directory sites offer a list of potential contacts that you call, email, and chat with to discover their pricing, availability, timeline, etc. With Cannecht, all of this is handled for you as we work to provide you with perfectly matched partners based on your specific criteria. 

All contracts are presented for e-signature directly through the platform, and introductions via video, text, phone, and/or social are all part of the deal completion process.

How much does it cost?

Signing up with annecht is FREE FOR OPERATORS! 

For SERVICE PROVIDERS, pricing starts at $99 per service offering. We also earn a minimal transaction fee of less than 7% of the value of contracts signed through the platform. To learn more about pricing for Service Providers, go here.

When will you launch?

Our beta program is live, and we are eagerly building our partner program with Service Providers. Sign up today, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress, AND you’ll earn early adopter discounts and freebies for up to a year!

I’m an operator. How do I access the platform and manage my experience?

Our driving mission is to simplify service provider selection and contract negotiation for cannabis operators. We’ve been busy developing two delivery formats that we believe make this journey easier for both parties via web and mobile.

  • Sign up, log in, and request bids using a mobile device.
  • We suggest this because we offer a natural language feature to guide you through a Q&A process to narrow in and compare relevant service offerings on your mobile device.
  • You’ll see how many providers are in the hunt and when you have five or less, you say BID!
  • You’ll then receive immediate bids from providers, including a high-level overview of your request.
  • If you see one you like, you can select it and ask a few more questions that we already have in our database, or just speak to your phone. We’ll translate your requirements directly to the selected bidder.
  • Suppose all is to your liking, and you’re ready to commit. In that case, you’ll sign a simplified contract with that provider and be instantly connected via video conference or another method of your choice, such as text/SMS, phone, email, or a combination.
  • At that point, the project is in your hands!


I’m a service provider. How do I create and manage my service offerings?

Our goal for our service provider partners is to simplify how you grow your client base. We do this with an easy-to-use profile dashboard where you can create new offerings, partner with other providers, and gain valuable insights into your wins, losses, and market trends.


  • Sign up, log in, and create your profile.
  • Here you’ll find areas to create and manage your available services, including pricing, availability, and a streamlined Q&A process to help you define specifics about those offerings.
  • You’ll be able to manage your project bidding and see what you’ve won, active bidding, and what you’ve lost.
  • If you lose an opportunity, we’ll present you with several data points that can help you refine your offering for the next round. How cool is that?
  • You can also manage project partnerships with other providers, so together, you can offer complete service offerings for any size project.
  • You’ll have various contact methods and management capabilities, such as video chat, text/SMS, phone, and email from directly within the platform.

What if I don't want to sign a contract?

The Cannecht platform offers several different contract levels to choose from. The most basic for all categories is essentially a letter of intent meant to bring project partners to the table with a detailed understanding of the project requirements, pricing, availability, geographic restrictions, and the like. These are the questions that are answered during service and project creation steps.

We at Cannecht want to stay focused on making connections rather than defining the specifics of how your projects will play out over time. We strongly believe that this helps create a foundation for trust yet maintains flexibility between business partners.

We also offer custom contracts which can be assigned to each service and offer full content editing features.

How do you verify new service providers?

We have several methods designed to vet our service providers properly. This ranges from direct outreach to consolidation of current ratings (BBB, Google, Yelp, etc.) to upcoming third-party integration apps.

Our internal rating system enhances verification through direct reputation scoring and feedback. The goal is to monitor and act upon controllable data between business partners.

For example, we offer verification against many local, regional, and national industry associations such as NCIA, NACB, ORCA, CCIA, etc. In your Business Profile you will have an opportunity to select which of these associations you belong to and we will verify against our partner membership databases automatically. And, don't worry, we keep all of this data extra secure. 

Why should I become a member?

We encourage you to become a contributing member of our provider community. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Earn great discounts on standard pricing
  • Submit and manage your custom contracts
  • Anonymously vote on relevant questions in your service categories
  • Expanded data and reporting visibility
  • Enhanced video and text communication features
  • Global discounting thresholds
  • Reputation scoring and management
  • Grow the global cannabis community

How do I add a payment method?

For step-by-step instructions on adding a payment method, check out our QuickStart Guide.

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